July 27, 2008

From May City to Music City

Shawn Mayer
I'll admit I haven't paid a lot of attention to the Nashville Star show on TV. Every couple of years a female singer resurfaces in her old hometown somewhere in Northwest Iowa to let the folks back home know that she's trying to make it. That's fine but I don't remember any of their names. Now one has come back who has the key to get past my mental firewall and her name is Shawn Mayer.

She grew up outside of May City, Iowa, pop 45. Somewhat of a tomboy she's been a mechanic, firefighter and worked on a hog farm. While still a local girl she opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd at the 2002 Clay County Fair in Spencer. At that point she was hooked. After moving to Nashville she found it impossible to carry on a long distance relationship with her May City boyfriend who she described as "the greatest guy you could imagine" and ended it. She then wrote I'm Not Looking Back which you can watch her perform at the Nashville Airport on You Tube.

As part of the Nashville Star competition she gave a concert in May City this past week. That little town had probably never seen 3000 people in one night. I listened to it on the radio. She said that people ask her about the dog tags she often wears around her neck. They're blank dog tags and they represent all the soldiers who have died in defense of the many freedoms we have. She then sang the Billy Ray Cyrus hit All Gave Some, Some Gave All. It's worth the time to hear Billy sing it on You Tube.

One of the judges on Nashville Star used the words "absolutely fearless" to distinguish Shawn from the other contestants. Monday night she'll be up against the amazing Melissa Lawson and two male singers. This will be the first time I've watched the show but I expect I'll be casting a vote for her.

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