July 06, 2008

Muslim Picnic in Omaha, Nebraska

Roasted Hog
I missed it. Along with most everyone else, since the public evidently wasn't invited until the day of the event. From KETV News' web site: Omaha Muslims Hope Picnic Improves Understanding.

Let's see, a bunch of Mohammedans, no hog roast, no beer, no scantily clad ladies, no advance publicity, and it was held on that most American of holidays, the Independence Day weekend. My understanding is improving already.

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  1. <span>This event was publicly announced on several news station calendars and press releases were sent to all Omaha media outlets a month before the event. Posters were placed at Creighton Unversity and UNO. The National Guard also publicized the event as well. </span>

    Over 700 people attended this event. There were several Jewish, Christian, and other non-Muslim families.

    Did you know that the Islamic Center of Omaha also held a blood drive at which the majority of donors were Muslims and the majority of the recipients ended up being non-Muslims?

    You equate the most American holiday, Independence Day, with hog roast, beer, and scantily clad ladies, but make no effort to note that this was an inclusive event supporting a noble cause.


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