July 16, 2008

Rev. Jackson: Obama telling niggers how to behave

Telling them how to behave
Everyone has heard about Jesse Jackson getting caught on tape saying he wanted to cut Obama's nuts for talking down to blacks. As soon as Fox's creepy Bill O'Reilly said there was more to the tape he wasn't going to play, I figured the rest would be too hot to keep under wraps for long.

The other shoe has fallen, and it was the N-word. Like it would be poison to say it or spell it out. Here's the offending phrase, according to TVNewser:
Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling niggers how to behave.
Conservative blog reactions: Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Gateway Pundit. Most folks are howling about a double standard. I figure the double standard in matters of racism is a given. What will happen or not happen to the Rev. Jackson as a result will just be another example of it. Everyone already knew Jackson was a race racketeer. Whats new besides it being on tape?

As for myself, I'm not afraid of words. If I let words hurt me, all it means is that I'm weak. Likewise it would be a weakness if I were to be afraid to use words. Remember the "He said Jehova" scene from Monty Python's The Life of Brian? I try not to be uncivilized or vicious in my use of language, but I'm not going to pussyfoot around the facts.

The fact is, Jesse Jackson said the black folks Obama "talks down to" are niggers. He didn't say n------s, n—s, n*****s, niggaz or call them the N-word. He said they were niggers. I wonder if they'll take it without a fuss.
Updated: Al Sharpton, America's hardest working racism hustler, weighs in. CBS News reports Al's disappointment, "I think this certainly does not reflect the Reverend Jackson that we all know and love". The article concludes that "the question is whether the use of the N-word by an African-American to another African-American, talking about African-Americans is offensive." What?

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