July 25, 2008

White Swans to nest in Cuba?

Russian Strategic Bombers
Some folks have said that Russian political thug Vladimir Putin wants to tighten his grasp on power by reviving the cold war (see the feed trough). Recent news from Russia hints that they intend to base nuclear bombers in Cuba and Latin America. From the Mclatchy Report: Moscow paper claims Russian bomber crews visited Cuba. Here is the story as it appeared in Izvestiya, translated by Google. Russia seems ready to raise the volume of their nuclear saber rattling to a level not seen since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Reaction to the bomber story from the Russia's Cuban lapdogs, the Castro brothers, has ranged from cryptic to taunting. Who knows which "Latin American" nations might also be under consideration for Russian nuclear bases, but there is no shortage of Rooskie sympathizers in the region. Think Chavez and Morales. They would love to have another pin to stick into their voodoo dolls.

It takes two superpowers to make a cold war, so General Norton Schwartz, newly nominated to be the US Air Force's chief of staff, has issued a stern warning to the Russians. Now we are in the game. Its an ugly, dangerous business. Get your fallout shelter plans right here.
The old feeder recalls the Cuban Missile Crisis all too clearly. On the US side, JFK was hopped up on amphetamine shots he got from Hollywood's Dr. Feelgood. Holding down the Soviet side was Khrushchev, a Ukrainian boor with a bad commie attitude and a raft of H-bombs.

The kids in school had to practice ducking under their desks. Farmers built fallout shelters for cattle, one of which is near the feedlot. It was a bad time for all, and the final resolution had so many secret rooms that some have yet to be discovered. It wasn't just the Soviets that blinked.
I wonder how a president Barack Obama would handle this threat to US security? Actually, I don't so much wonder as worry about it.
Hat tip: Ben Dare

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