September 05, 2008

Barack Obama has got The Fear

Joe Biden's New Look
Sarah Palin has Barack Obama running scared. The Alaska Governor is so appealing that even Obama himself was a big fan of hers less than a month ago. Barack must think that the problem is only gender deep. Though it might reflect sexism in the fading messiah's camp, Obama is turning to women to undo the severe damage Sarah Palin's spot on the GOP ticket has wrought on his popularity.

First, Barack has trotted out Hillary Clinton. Until a few days ago, Hillary was emblematic of women in Washington politics. As Allahpundit at Hot Air points out, Obama must truly be in a panic to count on Clinton to save his campaign from Palinmania.

Next, Obama can count on his Most Rich and Famous gal pal, Oprah Winfrey to stifle the public view of Governor Palin. Oprah won't let her dreamboat Barack down, but women have been led to believe that Oprah is on their side in their efforts to overcome sexist stereotypes. I'm guessing lots of Oprah's fans will wonder why she is snubbing Sarah.

Finally, Obama could order Joe Biden to start wearing women's clothing and plant some rumors of a sex-change procedure. Barack is too proud to yank Joe Biden off the ticket (perhaps for drinking on the job) and revert to Clinton for his running mate. That would require admitting that he was wrong, something a real messiah just can't do. Changing Joe into Jo just might work.

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