November 07, 2008

Hell no! I won't go!

I never thought I'd be a draft dodger. Check this out: Gateway Pundit: Change... Obama Announces Creation Of His Marxist Youth Corps. And it isn't just the youth. Obama's new website wants "Citizens of ALL ages" compelled to serve. The mandatory service obligation starts in middle school and continues, I assume, until euthanasia. Veterans aren't left out, either.
More: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and Michelle Malkin think the dot-gov domain is fishy. Ed says:
[T]his site has a .gov top-level domain ( That is reserved for “qualified government organizations and programs”. The incoming administration technically has no status as a government organization or program until January 20, 2009. The “Office of the President-Elect” doesn’t exist within the government.
The site looks much like Obama's campaign website. Michelle points out that:
It’s being run by Blue State Digital, the left-wing Internet fund-raising company that presided over the credit card fraud-friendly Obama campaign site.
The phony Office of the President-Elect is also taking names. Ed Morrissey asks:
Why does the government need to collect e-mails and addresses from citizens in order to share their stories with the President-Elect? What purpose does the OPE have for this information? Are they hoping to build a list to sell to political allies, or perhaps just to telemarketers to help pay off the deficit? Since this is hosted as a government site, I think they need to explain what official use they will make of this information.
Its as audaciously pretentious as the made-up presidential seal Barack Obama tried to use during his campaign. The difference is, that campaign goofiness seemed funny at the time. This new premature power grab isn't the least bit laughable.
After all the nasty things I've said about Canada, I don't suppose they'll have me.

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