November 01, 2008

Internet Censorship of ZombieTime blog by my ISP?

My ISP has apparently blocked access to a well-known and heavily trafficked blog that has been critical of Barack Obama. The site is I am able to access the site using my backup telephone modem connection. I have not asked or agreed to allow my broadband ISP, MicroLnk, aka SpeedNet to apply any sort of filtering to my internet access. I beleve this may be a politically motivated decision at my ISP's corporate level, or it may just be a hack implemented by a pro-Obama employee of the company. In either case, I am outraged.

Because my broadband ISP has no real-time support on weekends, there is no way for me to report this apparent censorship. If you are a MicroLnk or SpeedNet customer, I would ask you to try to connect to zombietime. If you are blocked, please let me know. I am sufficiently sophisticated technologically to know that the problem is not at my end.

Brownshirt tactics have become so commonplace with the Obama camp that I would not be surprised if this is not another egregious example of the type of suppression of dissent that we may expect to become the norm in an Obama administration.

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