November 19, 2008

National Ammo Day

.45 Hydra-Shok - Effective Defense Round
It is National Ammo Day. The idea is to buy 100 rounds of your favorite ammunition today. Let me offer a bit of advice: buy as much .22 caliber long rifle ammunition as you can, whether you shoot a .22 or not. Why?
  1. There isn't anything better for putting meat on the table.
  2. The venerable .22 is not susceptible of being reloaded.
  3. When hard times come, .22 ammo will become useful as currency.
Hard times may be just around the corner. Survivalists and veterans of previous economic disasters also remind us that coffee and cigarettes can become trade currency as well. Good advice, but you can't hunt small game with cartons of Marlboros or cans of Folgers.
I heard about it at Babalu Blog. Others noting the occasion include The Heartless Libertarian and Michael Bane.

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