April 17, 2009

New Writer at the Feedlot

I'm Arnold A. Malrick, a long-time resident of Western Sarpy County, Nebraska. As you may know, the founder of the Plains Feeder, ptgustan, having fallen on hard times and suffering from relentless official persecution, has decided to move his earthly (and internet) presence to a level of undergroundness that seems to preclude his maintaining or contributing to the blog he created. This lamentable state of affairs is about to come to an end. Arnie is a fixer.

Not only will I try to restore the Plains Feeder, but I will ensure that this blog remains free of the perceived heresies that have caused ptg so much torment. Be patient. I don't know how or if the old Feeder posts can be fixed; ptg deleted the account where all the pictures were stored. He also defaced the original blog template. All I can promise is my best effort to get the Feedlot back in the blog business.

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