April 27, 2009

Slow Dance in Millard

Rosie Hamlin - click
The old feeder was having breakfast at Shirley's Diner in Millard, Nebraska the other day. Besides offering excellent food and friendly service, Shirley's has atmosphere. The diner is roughly, but not strictly, themed to have the feel of the 1950's. I say the decor isn't strictly '50's because one booth is papered with Bumpy Action pictures and posters. Bumpy Action was an Omaha hippie band (1969 - 1974). My beatnik friend, the Mickeys, used to hang out with the band at their Happy Hollow communal home. But I digress. Let me just say that I feel comfortable at Shirley's Diner.

As I was eating my eggs done right and fluffy hash browns, the background music (also themed) played "Angel Baby". You can listen to the tune by Rosie and the Originals on YouTube by clicking here. The song not only features a classic rock 'n roll lead-in, but the whole effect is the perfect '50's slow dance tune. The effect is like magic if you ever went to a record hop back in the day. I couldn't get the song out of my head all day.

The old feeder is a giant fan of the old girl groups. I got to see many of them perform at the old Alexandria Roller Rink in Virginia. Good times for a high school kid.
For those of you awaiting the promised school lunch menus:
Gretna, Nebraska Elementary School
Today: Chicken Strips, Au Gratin Potatoes, Mixed Berries, Dinner Roll
Tuesday: Burrito with Cheese Sauce, Spanish Rice, Corn, Pears
Wednesday: Hamburger on a Bun, Broccoli & Carrots, Orange Wedges, Fritos
Thursday: Sloppy Joe on a Bun, Corn on the Cob, Mixed Fruit, Cherry Shape-Up
Friday: We have to wait for next month's menu to be made public.

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