April 18, 2009

US plants, trees to sue feds over CO2 rules

Corn in Court?
The global warming wackos may well have made enemies among the tree-hugger branch of the environmentalist movement. Faction has raised its ugly head to threaten wacko solidarity. It was bound to happen.

The tree-huggers are accelerating their push to win the right to vote and to file lawsuits for trees and other plants. At the same time, the Climate Change/Global warming movement is pressuring Congress to pass legislation severely restricting the production of carbon dioxide (CO2). The conflict: plant life depends on CO2 for its very existence. Increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere would cause plants to thrive. Decreasing it would arguably harm plant life.

Decreasing the atmospheric CO2 will certainly make Global Warming believers feel like they are "doing something" to stave off an imagined catastrophe for humans and animals, but at what cost to the plants? That will be the central issue in a federal class action lawsuit now being planned by plant advocates. Because they have yet to win full standing for plants to file suit on their own, chlorophilians are soliciting volunteer lawyers to serve as guardians ad litem for our green brothers and sisters.

It isn't clear whether the plant life advocates will be satisfied with blocking new CO2 limiting laws and regulations or if they will sue for even more. They may argue that increasing the nation's output of CO2 would be in the best interest of all plants. The lawsuit may ask the courts to order such a result, possibly by requiring the construction of more fossil fuel power generation facilities or easing emission standards for automobiles.
In the USA, plants significantly outnumber humans; if they ever get the vote...

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