May 25, 2009

The Late, Great U.S.A.?

Riverside Cemetery
I went to the cemetery this morning to decorate my father's grave. It looks like a nice day for the annual Memorial Day parade in Spencer, Iowa. A question: Will the day (soon) come when we'll want for a Memorial Day observance, if for no other reason than to remember a time when we used to remember those who gave everything they had for this great country?

They weren't suicide soldiers. They wanted to live, to come back to their homes and families. They didn't want to lose their limbs or their health and spend the rest of their days in veterans' homes. And they didn't want to lose their minds and live under bridges and in homeless shelters.

Oh Freedom, you're a merciless bitch. I'd be tempted to say you're not worth it were it not for the horrifying governments that won't rest until there's nobody left to remember who you are.

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