May 22, 2009

Long Weekend

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The feedlot looks like Rome during Ferragosto. Angela is trying to wring a little joy out of her busy life, Arnie is in a snit because he hasn't been well received by the feedlot regulars, DadBones is scouring the woods for magic sticks, Abe is organizing and twittering. The place is empty.

I've been out of town for almost a week, fixing computers. 64 bit Vista is a nasty piece of work, especially if you have important 'legacy' software to run on it. I guess I'll try to make a summary of stuff that caught my eye lately.
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms - the old feeder has always argued that any form of gun registration, license or permit system (including CCW schemes) is wrong. They all put firearm owners' names on a government list. You might trust the government, but I don't. Government changes its tune every day. Who can say when the authorities will yield to the seemingly irresistible temptation to disarm the populace? Or at least to disarm some segment of the populace that they, in their democracy-blessed wisdom, deem dangerous or unfit to go armed? Take note of this post by David Codrea the War on Guns.

Sissified Vegans giving Meat a Bad Rap - this is merely another example of dietary nazis enlisting sold out junk scientists to bolster their fruity theories. I've got no grudge against vegans or others that eat oddball stuff or abstain from perfectly good food, no matter what their rationale. It ought to be a free country, no? Sadly, many of these diet geeks aren't satisfied with eating as they please. They want to make everyone else follow their example. I don't like being told what I can and cannot eat. Example: the banning of trans-fats in New York City and California restaurants. I really don't care for using so-called scientific experts to back up their goofy ideas. The global warmists did this to vilify our friend, CO2. Now the same junk science is used to justify such idiocy as 'cap and trade'. I see an attack on meat eating looming on the horizon. This example found at Stop the ACLU is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

Cars Cars Cars - Now that the liberal fruitcakes have wrested control of much of America's automobile industry, they will use their junk science to justify their we know what is best for you totalitarian arrogance to force us all to drive dangerous, sissy little clown cars. Read 'em and weep:
Preventive Detention and Other Niceties - Constitutional rights? WTF are Constitutional rights in the New America?
Good News - Paid vacations for everyone! Bungalow Bill brings us the glad tidings in Government Mandated Vacation Time: Could Tax Credits for Disney Left-Wing Vacation Be Far Away. I might add, "could a pink slip be far behind?"

Laugh: Small Dead Animals posted this video clip of some radio jocks singing The Obamaman Song at Who Can Take Tomorrow? Spend It All Today? Cop a laugh.

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