June 09, 2009

Canada Free Press: Better than Fox

Canada Free Press
The old feeder has been a regular reader of the Canada Free Press online 'newspaper' for several years. Now that the US media is either ridiculously biased in favor of Obama and the Democrat Party's Marxist schemes or else running scared, I find myself turning to the CFP even more.

Even the reviled-by-the-left Fox News feels compelled to clothe their reportage in the guise of being "fair and balanced". Being fair to America's enemies is either stupid or naive. You can't strike a balance with evil. I find Fox's sappy leitmotif "we report, you decide" to be offensive. Fox can't report everything; they decide what gets covered. I suspect Fox is afraid our government will adopt overt censorship, as all Marxist governments are wont to do.

The Canada Free Press proudly puts their conservatism in their banner. I'm more conservative than not, so I like having an unabashedly conservative news source. Give the Canada Free Press a try.
Caveat: As with anyone else's ideas and opinions, the CFP must be read with a critical eye. I don't agree with everything Judi McLeod and her cohorts publish. Hey, I'm a disagreeable cat by nature.

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