July 08, 2009

Back at the Feedlot

The Old Feeder's Situation - Click for More
The old feeder is back at the feedlot. A few family health crises have kept me navigating hospital halls laid out like rabbit warrens, sleeping on couches and eating more institutional cafeteria food than I like. All this has done little to improve the confusing, rifted mess that my personal life has become.

Blogging remains less than attractive. Sorting out my relentlessly confusing affairs of the heart and the necessary and pressing disposition of my pack rat accumulation of worldly goods is daunting. So far all I have done is a mountain of laundry. Today I'll try to thwart the distraction of bittersweet sentiment and nagging regret long enough to wash a sink full of dishes.

When unrestrained, I can be nauseatingly dramatic, no?

To those feeder readers who were kind enough to be concerned, my relative is out of the hospital (if not the woods) and I'm back at home. I'll be OK, one way or the other. Thanks for the kindness.

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