August 12, 2009

Kitchen Corner

A Corner of the Feedlot Kitchen - click for big
As you may know, the old feeder is relocating. Health problems and the cost of propane are driving me out of the feedlot. I'm a terrible pack-rat and getting ready to move is an enormous task, one I don't much enjoy.

I usually like to take pictures of places I've lived; pictures with the kind of details that keep memories alive. The photo above is of one corner in the kitchen here. I'm posting it because I'm too busy to do the a crop report post. You will just have to place your futures bets without my input.

As soon as I get my car back from its front end alignment, I will be able to finish transferring my DVD collection from their bulky store packages to small, thin CDROM boxes. This saves a lot of space, but I've run out of the little cases.

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