September 02, 2009

A Plains Pilgrim's Progress

Placitas, New Mexico
The old feeder is but a couple of weeks away from quitting the feedlot. Notices have been given, services set to be disconnected, and forwarding arrangements made. I have moved many of my earthly possessions to a storage shed; that which remains here I am kissing goodbye. It is nearly time to move into my car and head off to the New Mexico desert.

The plan is locate temporary living accommodations for the winter somewhere in the high desert. During the Winter, I'll look for better digs if the first place I land isn't entirely suitable. Come springtime, when the Nebraska snows have melted and the grass shows it's green face on the Great Plains again, I will return to arrange for shipment of my books and papers.

I'm taking a laptop computer with me on my pilgrimage, perhaps I'll be able to contribute travel reports to the Plains Feeder. Once situated, I expect to resume regular blogging. No matter where I settle, I will always be a Plainsman at heart.

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