November 21, 2009

Getting Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll
Roll up our carpet collection, that is. We have quite a number: Herekes, Kulas, Yacibedirs, Sumaks, Kilims, Kars, Konyas, Taspinars, etc. They are mostly Turkish village carpets made of naturally dyed wool. All of them are hand-knotted. We even have one Hereke silk on silk with gold threads.

I have a feeling that these rugs will keep their value better than dollars. Unlike gold, they become more valuable with age. The only problem is liquidity, but who cares? We think they are beautiful, and walking on them barefooted is a pleasure. It is also fun to remember our rug hunting expeditions in Turkey.

We will put them in storage, hope the mice and moths don't eat them, then retrieve them as soon as we find a home in New Mexico. The Turks use them even on dirt floors. The designs often have archetypal patterns not unlike Southwest Red Indian rugs, so they'll be "in style" even if we end up living in a dirt floored hogan.
Soon we will be packing up our computers, but we will try to keep our friends updated on our progress either here at the Plains Feeder or on FaceBook for you 'social network' types. My FB page is here. I'll be happy to add Plains Feeder readers as FB Friends.

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