June 24, 2010

Cease and Desist!

That Other White Meat?
Have you ever gotten a "cease and desist" demand because of something you posted on the internet? I got a laugh out of this one that ThinkGeek got from lawyers representing the National Pork Board (The Other White Meat people) demanding the Geeks stop using a similar sounding slogan for their Canned Unicorn Meat. The Pork Board's stodgy lawyers really egg up their faces; I hope they didn't bill the Pork Board anything over the retainer for this brilliant piece of legal work.

I've only gotten one serious "cease and desist" demand from a real lawyer representing a real company with a real beef. I manufactured and marketed adult ant farms on the internets. As it turns out Uncle Milton, who makes Uncle Milton's plastic toy Ant Farms owns the words "Ant Farm".

Uncle Miltie's lawyer agreed with me that I could go on using the words Ant Farm as long as I noted that Miltie was the owner. Heck, I wasn't competing with Milton's cheesy plastic toys. I made the Genuine Bauman Formicarium, a furniture quality ant habitat for the adult enthusiast.
Such Tripe!
The Pork Board's law firm web site actually features this statement:
Sustainability is a priority for our firm. We also believe environmental stewardship and effective client service are fundamentally connected. When Faegre & Benson participated in a sustainability pledge campaign in April, more than 500 employees promised to add three environmentally friendly actions to their work habits. The result? More Together.
500 more together employees took the pledge. Save us from being PC.


  1. Wonderful!!  You seem to be re-gaining your form, pt. This is the kind of post that I live for. Besides, I've been searching for a source for new exotic meats ever since I developed this pesky allergy to filet of gryphon.

    Be well.

  2. Tripe is right. They're doing a good job of free speech creep chunk by chunk.

    I'm surprised I've not gotten any yet.....as i have quite a bit of photoshop material on my blog but I actually 'over' HT I think to make sure it's always linked back once at least, even the pictures.


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