June 05, 2010

Oxycodone Zone

from the oxycodone zone

The Boss
It is about time I got back to work on the Plains Feeder. As the founder (as in: Bernard Hensley, founder) and no-nonsense boss of the Plains Feeder, there is much that I could explain regarding my absence from my favorite old blog. How I've been ill. The bad prognosis. The move to New Mexico. The cancer treatments. The destruction of the feedlot and the new orchard.

It ought to be easy to get some blogging done. I'm sitting in the shade on the front porch, using our little wireless netbook. I have a cold drink, some day-glow blue electrolyte concoction. It is quiet with only the birds tweeting and a gentle breeze wafting. I ought to be on a blogging roll. Instead, I'm in the oxycodone zone. My doctors have decided that I must take sufficient oxycodone, a synthetic imitation opium, to keep me stupid day in and day out. I'll have to blog on, in spite of my thoughts being clouded, my sensibilities numbed and my typing fingers unresponsive.

So you don't get confused, dear reader, I intend to label all the posts I write while impaired. I will mark them at the top right corner with the words "Oxycodone Zone". You are on notice that the accompanying post will be of low qualty, and may make an informed decision as to investing any time or effort trying to read it. But wait! There is more! No, no.... See what I mean?
DadBones spotted a Bobcat at the orchard just before he returned to Iowa. Jean sees lizards.


  1. Long legged slow moving strut down to the arroyo, oblivious to the two ravens diving at him while yelling insults and death threats.

  2. I dunno, pt ... your thoughts even while blitzed on synthetic yippee-kiyo-kiyay make more sense than most of what I read on other blogs.  Maybe that says something about me ....

    Anyway, I welcome your return to the PF blog ... even if impaired. I miss you when you're not here.

    Get better.


  3. and by the way ... tell Jean I been sober for 35 years and I still see lizards ... they just aren't as big as they used to be.

  4. Careful, PT, if you blog too much while on drugs, Plains Feeder may take a turn to the left. :)

  5. Thanks, UW. Life is too short to put off blogging any longer.

    Dan, they don't make dope strong enough to turn me into a leftist. I know.

  6. My wifie stopped using them because they stopped kickin...hence, that's what's wrong w/ me...


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