October 19, 2004

Property Tax and Samsara

You do not own your home. Mortgage or finance companies with an interest in your home, if any, do not own your home either. You RENT your home and your car from the government. You get to live in your house and drive your car only as long as you pay the rent in full, on time, plus any grace period (usually with high interest accrued) the government may allow.

You cannot and do not live in the "fair market value" of your home. You live in a building. Even if your house doubled in "value" today, you would still be living in the same house. The house would not increase in size, beauty or any other physical parameter. Only the rent would increase, nothing else.

Because you don't own your home, you cannot sell it. You may only transfer the right to live in it to another person who can pay the rent. Such a "buyer" must also wish to live in your unique home badly enough to give you "fair market value" for your limited rights.

All current property rights in Nebraska derive ultimately from the government. The government may deprive you of any or all of your property rights, with or without payment, as it sees fit.

I believe NO rights should derive from any government. In my thinking, my rights came to me with the gift of life. From God, if you will. I believe the framers of our United States Constitution thought this way as well. They wanted government to exist only to protect and nurture these God-given rights.

But, as sure as men are made out of meat, the Constitution has been subverted. Just as the love of Jesus burned men at the stake, the ideal is replaced by beastliness. What was meant to free us has, again, enslaved us.

What goes around, comes around. Sometimes it's a shit sandwich.

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