November 15, 2004

Feedlot Funkl

The idea of running a blog immediately sounded good to me. The Plains Feeder was a natural. Apologies to Jim Marshall, who published under this banner during the 1970's.

But I got off to a bad start. Perhaps it would have been better not to start during an election. At any event,it didn't seem to go well at all.

At one point, I thought I had it figured out. Blogging is for young, hip people who live in cities. Not just any cities, but happening cities. Blue cities, where being normal is trying.

Here I am in the middle of pure red heartland USA. I don't live in a city. Many would argue that there aren't any real cities in Nebraska. I don't even live in a town.

It is as safe for me to assume that everyone I meet when I go into town is a conservative as to assume they are Husker fans. Except for some of the public school teachers and a few well heeled ag-welfare farmers, most folks here are red state types.

We don't think of ourselves as hicks or religious fanatics. Most of us are acutely aware of being perceived as such; it is nothing new. I am amused by the current chatter concerning our bible bumpkin image.

It isn't an hour's drive from my lane to Eppley Airfield. Despite the old fashioned name, I can go anywhere from there. We aren't isolated or sheltered from the larger world. We live the way we do because we like it.

Still, the situation here seems most unlike what the blogosphere must be. Commodities, anyone?

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