February 21, 2005

Scooping The Gonzo

Michelle Malkin has apparently neglected to solicit a comment from me on the suicide of Hunter Thompson. In fairness to her I suspect it's because she's never heard of me and most likely never will, therefore I'll grab my trusty grain scoop and shovel a few thoughts into the feed bunk.

Or so I thought. After that last paragraph I stopped by the Hog On Ice feed bunk for a moment and read a vituperative exchange between Laura Ingraham and someone by the name of jac des vert. If there was anything at all I could add to it I would......not even bother. Like Laura I prefer P.J. O'Rourke's political view of the world over Hunter Thompson's, but I found myself rooting strongly for the arguments of whoever jac des vert is. Right or wrong I'm glad the Good Doctor left his mark on the world.

Michelle, Laura really wants you to like her. And Laura, since no one reads this blog the odds are good you won't either, hence you don't scare me a bit. Doctor T, the closest I got to you was meeting your so-called Samoan attorney in Frisco back in '72. You and I both know he wasn't a Samoan, tho he was a lawyer. He was a Tex-Mex by the name of Oscar Zeta Acosta. Michelle and Laura are good for this world just as you and the Brown Buffalo were, but there's no way an old fool like me could ever tell them. The best I can offer is to salute you with a few rounds the next time I get out my gun.

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