February 21, 2005

Sen Hagel wants to "reach out" to Bathist monsters.

Chuck Hagel, our sorta-Republican Senator who wants to be President, seems to think he can negotiate with terrorists. This is a chump idea whose time came and went with Neville Chamberlain and the be nice to Nazis movement. Bush has already said there can be no negotiating with terrorists, and the Iraqis have already said they won't be bound by any such deals. See: swissinfo, . But, "[w]hen asked about the contacts, Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a member of both the Senate foreign relations and intelligence committees, said it was important to 'reach out' in Iraq." Sure, Chuck. Seems I saw some videos of US citizens getting their throats cut by these cats. I bet they would have liked to 'reach out' to their tormentors, but their hands were tied. What next, an 'adopt-a-terr' program for small towns in Nebraska? Take a Bathist to dinner? Shut up and legislate, Chuck, or the voters back here are going to reach out to you.

Update: Power Line suggests these talks may indicate the Bathists want to surrender. Why didn't you say so Chuck? If this is true, (and I don't think it is) what kind of a 'deal' do they think to strike? Pardons for their crimes? Positions in the new Iraqi government? Any surrender should be unconditional and the Iraqi people should have a crack at bringing these murderous cowards the justice they so richly deserve.

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