March 14, 2005

Babalu & Buzz - Cuban Mission Crisis

I like it when my two favorite places to get news from the South cover the same stuff. Val Prieto's Babalu Blog has this great piece on Louisiana Governor Blanco's 'mission' to Cuba: PSSST! Mrs. Blanco! Yes you! From Louisiana! Castro can't drop dead soon enough and useful idiotas like Mrs. Blanco seem to be trying to breath life into his communism-ravaged regime. Val says she has shot Louisiana in the foot, and I think that Jeff Crouere of the Bayou Buzz would agree. His take, aptly titled Louisiana´s Blanco-Cuban Mission Crises, ends up saying, "Our economy might be bad here, but it isn’t bad enough to trade with the devil." These cats from the warm country tell it like it is.

Babalu Buzz sounds like a name for a drink.

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