March 14, 2005

Big Brother watching you? No worries.

Does it surprise anyone that the accused rapist, Brian Nichols, was caught on courthouse security cameras overpowering his guard and shooting his way to temporary freedom? I saw this fact first on Matt Drudge's page today. I include another story in the Feed Trough, from a 1996 CNN paranoia piece on surveillance cameras. It has always been my contention that the only video surveillance cameras that actually fronted a human being looking at a monitor in real time were in Casinos. This reinforces my belief. It is probably least likely that surveillance cameras on government properties are watched, with the possible exception of some military installations. Those responsible will say there isn't the money for it, but support jobs in America's courthouses and other public buildings have long been a boon to locally connected slackers. It is a very low-level form of the political spoils system or city hall nepotism, but the result is: no one will be watching the security monitor much of the time, maybe not ever.

So, if you are worried about Big Brother, relax! If you feel safer thinking your Big Bro is watching over you, well... rest easy anyhow.

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