March 15, 2005

The Beef State and PETA

Today Is International Eat An Animal For PETA Day. I wouldn't have known this except for the sharp cats at Wizbang, who can turn any story into an excuse to run some titty pictures.
( I am pinning my hopes for bloggy success on emulating the Wizbang tit policy.)
This sort of Special Day goes pretty much ignored here in the
Beef State

Yes, we love our meat and tolerate our PETA freaks. Even pinko Omaha, the home of Omaha Steaks, Gorat's (Warren 'BillionaireLib' Buffet's favorite), Farmer Brown's (although their best location is in Waterloo, just west of Elkhorn), dozens of other steak and chop joints, and countless barbecue fans, puts up with a bit of meat-eating. Witness their short-lived slogan campaign "Omaha, Rare Well Done":

But the evil, out-of-touch Omaha city council recently passed a city ordinance that would ban having a charcoal grill on an apartment balcony. This pissed people off so bad they had to tell the police they didn't have to enforce it. The cops didn't want to be pressed into becoming the cook-out police. They changed their slogan to O! (Remember the Story of O!) Did I mention that the Omaha city government is crazy? Who wouldn't want to a part of all this?

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