March 23, 2005

Getting Omaha news on the 'net

I thought I might provide a few tips for those who would research news in the Omaha, Nebraska area.
  1. Don't even think of using the Omaha World Herald online. Their web is the slowest, most convoluted news web site this side of the Mississippi. The audaciously named site requires registration, and the registration process doesn't work. If you don't use MS Internet Explorer, you are SOL. They also want you to pay to read any article more than 3 weeks old. It is almost as if they hadn't heard of the internet OR the public library. I really don't think they want anyone to read their stuff on the 'net, let alone link to it. I oblige them. You should too, if you don't want heartburn. Besides, their editorial policy is inconsistent with their location in a nearly pure red state. They favor gun control, always take sides with the ACLU, think Unions are what saved America from Capitalism, and long for the good old covered wagon days when print media was the only info game in town. Use this link to steal their headlines for keywords, then go elsewhere to look up the stories that interest you. The OWH is, in their opinion, the only newspaper of consequence in the whole state.
  2. Other Newspapers. See above. Seriously, there a numerous newspapers in Nebraska and neighboring states that keep an eye on Omaha. To find the good stuff in them, see #6 below.
  3. Omaha television station web sites can be excellent sources of area news. Channel 6, WOWT, generally scoops the others, getting the news posted on the web with lightning speed. Their editorial policy is mostly plain vanilla, but they do have a great City Cam network so you can see Omaha in real time. I get most of my Omaha News here. Channel 7, KETV, offers what they call The Omaha Channel, but it is slow to get the news posted. A member of the IBS news group, a provider of news and features to a long list of TV stations. They offer plenty of video clips, if thats what you like. We have FOX affiliate KPTM Channel 42. Their web isn't as fancy, but the local news gets there fast and I like their FOX-like editorial stance. Coming in last is KMTV Channel 3, with no local news. All they offer is links to CBS news and a generic page of news links.
  4. The AM radio stations in Omaha are fair to middling as far as news goes. KFAB at 1110 is the best, with a smattering of local news. 1290 KKAR is great to listen to, but alas, has no news on it's web. Both of these stations feature "Listen Live" buttons which sometimes work. If you are out of radio range, you can get breaking Omaha news online. I don't like it; you can't cut and paste.
  5. FM radio. You will have to check these out yourself; I never, ever listen to FM radio. Not since I found out what FM stands for.
  6. The search engines. Try the search I have linked in the Feed Trough. It uses Google News beta and attempts to filter out all the sports scores. Sports scores are important, but they aren't news. I like to use the foreign editions of Google News for those languages I am able to read. This gives me a chance to practice reading them and sometimes offers a view of Nebraska as seen through distant eyes. Of course, as denizens of the blogosphere, we must be aware of Technorati, (you can use the little box right on this page) Feedster, etc. for searching for Omaha news on other blogs.
Hope this provides a little insight into how I come up with the junk I post here, and a bit of help to anyone looking for the straight skinny in Omaha.

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