March 23, 2005

Blogosphere dominated by white males

Abe at Don't Let Me Stop You reports on this sad observation at a Harvard conference on bloggers: that the blogosphere is, "dominated by bigmouths of the white-male variety." The story irritated me into leaving a rather sacastic comment there. My suggestion that we needed a government program to teach and encourage blogging by the non-male, non-white folks was facetious.

But I looked to see who was teaching blogging here in the Great Plains. The description of this blog: Adrian's Communication Resources Page , said its purpose was "to support Brent Adrian's English and Speech courses at Central Community College-Grand Island." Adrian linked to a Student Weblog Links and Descriptions, apparently blogs made by students at CCC for classes. Go ahead and peek, it is Spring Break there.

If you go to Central Community College's web, you will see a photo right in the center. When you reload the page without hitting your cache, you will get a different picture each time. I did it only a few times and saw pictures of non-white and non-male students in these pictures. These kids could have been learning to blog at their little Nebraska Community College!

Everything may well be up to date in Kansas City, but we are not slackers here in the Pure Red State. I see no oppressed minority race-gender blogging gap in our future. Not with cutting edge schools like CCC.

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