March 16, 2005

Give the girl a break!

From, which I don't read every day, comes this view of how the war on terror is being waged on the Liverpool music front. Gigwise writer Daniel Melia reports that Osama bin Laden's niece, Wafa, is "is hoping to launch a music career in the very place her uncle attacked, New York." He goes on to call it, "a somewhat sick twist of fate", and quotes Simon Cowell, judge of idols, 'big headed pop guru twat', etc. as saying, “There’s only one worse surname you could have for a pop career – Hitler.” More comments from Omanforum in the Trough.

See: Binladin... Any Realtion to???? at PowerBlog!
"She walks down the street on the Upper East Side, thin and stylish, another well-heeled beauty chatting away on her cellphone. Except that she isn't — she's Osama bin Laden's niece."
I can't see why anyone who found themselves in Liverpool for any reason would stay there any longer than it took them to get out. As you will gather, I'm no Anglophile. I don't dislike them or their history and culture, I just don't want any part of it.

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