March 16, 2005

Elkhorn annexes Omaha's intended victims!

The Elkhorn City Council met Tuesday night to finalize the plan they are implementing to foil omaha Mayor Fahey's ill-concieved scheme to annex Elkhorn. WOWT Omaha TV calls it "Defensive Annexation", in the linked article. The Elkhorn plan adds naturally related subdivisions to bring the population up past the magic 10,000 needed under Nebraska's arcane municipalities laws.

Between the half-baked and arbitrary schemes enshrined in the Nebraska statutes by the Unicameral, and the obfuscation added by subsequent Nebraska Supreme Court cases, nobody thinks the law is very clear on this issue. So what do reasonable Nebraskans do when they can't agree? They take it to court!

WOWT reports that, "Both sides believe it will be a couple of years before we know if Elkhorn gets bigger or becomes a part of Omaha." This could take some time, and it won't even come down to a Waco-like confrontation. Much can happen in a couple of years.

As an interesting aside, Elkhorn's city attorney is Duncan Young
of Young & White Law Offices. I always thought it took some stones to put that on your shingle and letterhead. Too many potential jokes, the kind that could get you fired for even thinking.

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