March 16, 2005

News that 'don't add up'

Sometimes I hear news that makes me think and sometimes say: 'That don't add up'.** Like the story about the young couple who froze to death just a few miles from the Feedlot this past winter. Nebraskans don't get out of their vehicles when stuck in snowstorms. And if they have a cell phone, they are nearly sure to survive. These kids died. It didn't add up. Then the truth comes out. Victory or Death has it straight. They were meth heads, stoned stupid. Now it adds up. Speed kills.

Yesterday I heard this on the radio, which talks all day here in the Feedlot office: a woman was killed Monday night when she was hit by a train over by Gretna. The authorities couldn't say who it was, other that it was a woman. They found ID on what was left of her, but I'm guessing there was a problem matching the face in the ID photo to the one in the washtub they must have used to pick up her remains. The engineer said he "saw the woman and sounded a warning a half-mile away." She made no effort to get off the tracks. (Engineers hate it when this happens.) Today WOWT , Omaha's NBC affiliate, reports they have identified her. She isn't from Gretna, but lived 100 blocks away. We don't stand on the tracks here in Nebraska.

That don't add up!

I'll post more about this when I know more. I hope it isn't another meth story; that crap is a blight on the Prairie.

I once knew a squirrely little criminal who lived in Iowa, when he wasn't in Leavenworth, Kansas or fighting WWII. Whenever anything crossed his rodent mind that required further investigation or if he suspected someone was tricking him or telling him a lie, he would say, "That don't add up." It actually came out more like, "At don't add up.", and he had a range of tonal inflections which made it a most powerful linguistic tool in his limited bag of tricks.

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