March 17, 2005

Plains Bloggers

When I first started the Plains Feeder a few short months ago, I thought I might write about other bloggers that shared something in common, like geography. The Plains was a natural. Little did I suspect the how thick the blogosphere had become while I wasn't looking. Here are some more:

Ryne McClaren: A Weblog: Ryne McClaren: A Weblog "Dispatches from Red State Nebraska"
This is real Red State stuff if I ever saw it. Newsy, with head-screwed-on-straight commentary. A 20-something Reagan Republican.

Don't Let Me Stop You: Two bedouin roaming The Great American Desert in search of truth and a good time. Unrelenting, very witty, exposure of idiocy in government and life. Abe of Linclon describes himself as a Pre-9/11 conservative libertarian--Post-9/11 libertarian conservative.

I'm making a list of Plains Bloggers. Not just conservative or political blogs, but good, interesting writing. If you know of one, report him or her right here. If you are or ever have been a Plains Blogger, turn yourself in here. You will be treated mercifully.

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