March 17, 2005

SOCIAL false sense of SECURITY

CNN Netscape News reports that an Associated Press poll shows that, "While a majority of Americans approve of Bush's handling of terrorism and foreign policy, just over a third, 37 percent, like his approach to Social Security. " The only reason this old feeder can think of to account for this lack of support for Social Security reform is my sense that aging and death are subjects the Pepsi Generation just doesn't want to ponder.

The 'youth culture' has an aversion to contemplation of the truths of our mortality. Even considering Social Security is like pre-planning their funeral or writing their Last Will for the forever young crowd. An increasing number of folks just don't want to entertain any thought related to the inevitable. These people aren't otherwise any more stupid than average, they were just brought up by well meaning parents who hid the fact that the family cat died. Who didn't tell the truth about why grandma doesn't know how to make pie any more. Who took pills and had surgery to reinforce their belief that the grim reaper is just a myth. It is a generation deluded about old age and death.

These people all know that Social Security is a bust. Talk to any person under 30. They have no expectation that their Social Security contributions are anything but another tax. I don't think they are against SS reform, or even its elimination. They just don't want to consider it at all. To do so would ultimately require them to acknowledge their own sad images of the shroud and pall. Pass the wrinkle cream. I'm gonna live forever.

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