March 20, 2005

Terry Schiavo

This old cat has lived big chunks of life with death of one sort or another right up close. It isn't as big a deal as it is cracked up to be. So I haven't had anything to say about the Terry Schiavo fiasco.

I don't have such a high regard for human civility that it surprises me to see this macabre scenario play out as it has. And I don't have such a high regard for myself that I would presume to know better than those directly involved. All I know is that, by allowing the government to intervene, they have made a grotesque mockery of a perfectly normal family tragedy.

I can agree with Paul's post here at Wizbang when he answers his own question, "Why is Terri Schiavo a Partisan Issue?" He points out the obvious, Bad Democrats want to kill helpless innocents and save the guilty, while Good Republicans want to save the innocents and kill the guilty. No kidding.

Read Paul's spirited rant and check out the comments there and you will know why these liberal policies are not planks but trapdoors in the Democrat platform. But if you would know how you would handle such a family tragedy yourself, you will have to wait until it happens. I like to think I would have the strength to ensure the right outcome without abdicating that responsibility in favor of the government.

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