March 20, 2005

Nebraska Roundup

An effort to survey the range of blogs with posts on specific topics of interest to Great Plains readers concerning my home state. Today, three subjects that have caught my attention.

Concealed Weapon Permit
A bill to provide for same raises its head in the Nebraska Unicameral again: LB 454

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Ryne McClaren: A Weblog

Why on earth do people think it is a good idea?
The Official BA Blog

The Dog & Pony Show went well From the Heartland

Freedom & Gun Control... how do they balance? Off The Table

We’re winning SayUncle

Wart do we want? Oonting banned! (or not)
Proposed amendment to the Nebraska Constitution: fishing, trapping, and hunting, " part of the heritage of the people and will be a right forever preserved." (I transliterated the title from a chant I heard made by anti Fox hunting loonies in England.)

Ernie Chambers Goes To Lincoln Ryne McClaren: A Weblog

Bigfoot Hunting Ban in Nebraska? anomaly news

Protect Bigfoot, itching, lounging My $.02 and Unearth Nebraska

Oddest on Omaha - Elkhorn Annexation
Do they follow this in St Pete?

Latest Elkhorn Annexation post Cactus Beach Internet Radio Blog, Down Town St Petersburg, Florida

Nebraska Roundup sounds like a name for a regular feature. I'll keep that in mind next Sunday, but would like to state for the record that any consistency the reader may observe in these pages is unintentional.

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