April 25, 2005

Atlanta Goes Bananas

I first heard of this story on Neal Boortz's web site. Since Neal lives in Atlanta, he was on top of "Bananagate" from the getgo. An Atlanta-area woman became offended and complained to the mayor about police officer "misconduct." The offending behavior: eating a banana. When Best of the Web Today picked up the story, I was inspired:
Don't Let Me Stop You: Atlanta Goes Bananas: "When is a banana not a banana? When does it become an instrument of oppression? According to Tim Chitwood of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, an Atlanta-area woman, Gwen Stewart, apparently feels that banana-wielding police officers are too offensive to even talk about. Now James Taranto has officially designated the incident a kerfuffle. Allow us to be the first to dub the affair 'Bananagate.'How did it begin? Where will it end? According to Chitwood:..."
Read the rest at Don't Let Me Stop You. There are more links there to other reports on the story.

I love this story. I'll have to see if there have been any further developments...

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