April 18, 2005

Bob Kerrey : The Ugly Nebraskan "Reporting for Duty"

News is full of it, Bob Kerrey Eyes New York's City Hall: "'I am angry about the way New York City is being treated by Washington D.C.,' Kerrey told The New York Times in Sunday editions. 'Who is fighting these guys?'" I don't know who is fighting the US government these days, Nebraska Bob, but here is something fun for everyone to try.

Paste this into Google News Search: [vietnam "war crimes" "Bob Kerrey"], less the brackets, and you get this. Then paste the same thing into the regular Google Web Search, and you get this.

When I did this this morning, I got absolutely no hits on the News Search and over 5,000 hits on the regular Web search. What does this illustrate? My guess would be that the MSM and the Democrat party love their Viet-Nam war criminals. John Kerry, move over. Make way for a REAL baby killer.

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