April 18, 2005

Time Mag, not Ann Coulter, distorted

DRUDGE REPORT FLASH : Ann Coulter upset that Time Magazine will have a fish-eye foto of her on the cover. As if the focal length of the offending lens weren't short enough, the pic appears to have been shot from knee-level. Ann, of course, sees a plot to uglify conservatives, complaining, "Why can't they just photograph conservatives straight?"

I suggest it is actually Time Magazine that is distorted, not Ann Coulter. To prove my point, I have run the picture from Drudge's site through my viewpoint adjuster and show the result above.

Updated: Thanks to Michelle Malkin, for the link We love ya here at the Feedlot!
Updated: Michelle catches USA Today giving Condi the Creep Eyes.

If you don't like what you see, then just see things the way you want. Nobody will notice.

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