April 19, 2005

Eat Dogma, Moral Relativists!

Wizbang is keeping track of how long it will take the moral relativist crowd to mount a group whine over the election of a conservative Pope. I heard the ABC news announcers suggesting on TV that Ratzinger "could still change" before the ashes of the ballots were cool. The godless Marxists wish the new Pope will turn out like a number of our Republican appointed Supreme Court Justices did, and surprise everyone by embracing ordination of homo married women priests who are communists. We might hope that the Catechism proves as stalwart as the US Constitution.

Updated: St Wendeler of ARC has it all. These cats are from the "Show Me" state, therefore Plains Bloggers.
The Group Groan gets going: Wizbang follows up on the 'missed opportunities' prediction.

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