April 23, 2005

Gone Fishing

I'm going on vacation. I opened the OWH on Thursday to see on the front page that Mayor Fahey and his gang are talking about yupifying a 'run down' part of town just north of the two tall buildings Omaha folks call Downtown. What this really amounts to is another step to PLAN Omaha's niggertown into oblivion. Fahey's Omaha seems dead set against the existence of a black ethnic community in it's traditional North Omaha location.

If only Omaha black folks would act whiter, Mayor Fahey might let them have a cute little display, like the ethnic Spanish-speakers are getting 24th Street gringo-ed up into. I are disgusted. So I'm going fishing. To Lake Okoboji. The crappies should be in the canals, biting on maggots and the tiny leeches that you find attached to rocks at the lake shore. These little pan fish taste great and don't live long enough to accumulate much poison.

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