April 23, 2005

Dispatches from Outland

PTG asked me to fill in for him while he's on vacation. I'm planning to post some old and new things from my blog, Don't Let Me Stop You. I live in Lincoln, so I'm not as plugged into the Omaha news as Plains Feeder normally is.

Given PTG's long interest in Great Plains Bloggers, I thought I'd begin by mentioning Roy Jacobsen of Fargo, ND, who blogs at Dispatches from Outland. This week an old post of his, wherein he coined the term "food dodecahedron" was linked from Best of the Web. He was immediately buried under a "Tarantolanche." Now that the hordes have receded, he's feeling lonely up there, so stop in and say, "Hi."

Here's the original Best of the Web Today link from the Wall Street Journal's free OpinionJournal site.

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