April 30, 2005

Is Chavez sucking life from the bearded one?

Sancho Chavez & his Don Quixote
The south's newest and shiniest tinhorn commie dictator Hugo Chavez has been to Havana for trade talks. Now it seems that through "non cash" trade, Venezuleans will get Free Medical Care al estilo Cubano. Cuba gets oil, Chavez gets a blessing and photo-op with his spiritual leader. Together they cooked up plans for taking over the world, as Bolsheviks are always wont to do. Calling it the "Boliviarian Alternative for the Americas, which would tie together the region's developing nations without U.S. involvement ... aimed at opposing a US-backed pact, the Free Trade Area of the Americas," these clowns are a laff a minute. (If you don't live in Cuba or Venerealzuela.)

From the April 24, 2005 Daily Dish at Cool Blue Blog:
I wonder if Venezuela is worried that it is becoming some kind of parody. Recently, the mindless ruler there who seems to have a knack for pissing people off, declared that Don Quixote is a "must read" for Venezuelans and has used taxpayer money to print and distribute one million copies of the book.

"Don't be left without your Quixote!" Chavez said earlier this week. "We are all going read Quixote to feed our spirit with this fighter who came out to get rid of injustice and fix the world."

"To some degree, we are followers of Quixote," he added.

Whatever happened to the separation of fiction and state?

His foes, many of whom call him "El Loco," or "The Madman," said it was fitting the government was distributing the book about a hallucinating knight wandering through Spain with his faithful companion Sancho Panza.

Don't you think that the roles are different? I think Chavez looks more like Sancho Panza, while castro looks like the crazy Quixote. Compare.
At least neither one of these jerks is likely to visit the USA any time soon. We know fidel is scared to come here , and according to CNN's ugly international sister Hugo Chavez promised that he would not visit the United States again until we Americans "liberate" it from opression by our own government. Only Jimmy Carter could listen to such crap without laughing.

I have noticed that fidel grows pale and wan lately, while Chavez is plumper and more sanguine than ever. I suspect that Chavez is actually drinking the old barbudo's blood, or using some of his 'zuelan jungle ju-ju to absorb fidel's energy. After all, fidel is a son of white aristocracy and Chavez seems un poco mas indio to me.

Peri-Idiotico 26 in the trough, and yes, I did distort the CNN foto.

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