April 20, 2005

No more vacations in Spain

España, a place I used to call home before the communists turned it into another Portugal, has decided that they should have a World Court of their own. I'm sure Adolfo Scilingo is not a really nice cat, with his propensity for tossing people out of aircraft over the ocean and all, but now he's looking at 640 years in a Spanish slammer.

MercoPress says Adolfo's "trial was Spain’s first under a law which says crimes against humanity can be tried in this country — even if they are alleged to have been committed elsewhere." Ai, que tonto.

I don't suppose the Spaniards have anything on me, but you can never be sure. Perhaps they know about me and Augusto Pinochet or me and Idi Amin, but I doubt it. If I go back to see my old stomping grounds again, I could get arrested for the 'crime against humanity' of supporting the Iraq war or for doing my best to help America win the cold war.

I wonder if Spanish jails have gotten more comfy since Franco's been dead?

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