June 03, 2005

Come On Baby, Light My Flag

Asia Times Online:
"The Osama bin Laden cigarette lighter is adorned with his raised, chrome portrait, an embossed '9-11', sketches of the New York World Trade Center, an approaching airplane, and a big red splotch. When you flick the sleek, metal lighter open, a light-emitting diode illuminates the splotch so it glows bright red on one of the buildings, emphasizing the site of the first crash. Loud, computerized music beeps out a loop of Mozart. "
These are made in China, so I naturally looked for one at the nearest Wal-Martyr, but no luck. Those crafty Chinese! I don't understand the Mozart selection; maybe they had to work with stock clips.

Perhaps these and similar terror trinkets would be worth buying on the chance that they might appreciate in value. Maybe the grandkids can take them to the Antiques Road Show. That is, if the mullahs allow us to watch the Antiques Roadshow.

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