June 03, 2005

Capitalism taught in Nebraska Public School

Fourth-grade capitalists Nicole and Megan hold their checks
"I might reinvest my profits in Starbucks or Cabelas," Nicole said. "If I reinvest this money I can make more money."

This great story from the Gering Courier actually made the old feeder smile. Capitalism being taught to youngsters in a public school. Who would have thought. It is kiddie capitalism, since the shares that go unsold are distributed in some unexplained lottery, but at least the smart kids that bought and accumulated shares came out ahead.

I have to wonder if the State Education Commisars are slipping to allow such doctrinal error. Maybe Gering is just too far away for them. It is too good to last.

The trend toward consolidating small schools out of existence will help centralized planners crack down on this kind of capitalist indoctrination in the public schools.

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