June 12, 2005

No More Poverty!

Developed Nations (whatever that means) at the current G8 meeting agreed Saturday to write off $40 billion in debts owed by countries that were never going to pay anyhow. The article states the fabulous deal "was made possible by a significant concession by the White House when it agreed the debt write off would not jeopardize future aid funding." In other words, the US just gave up the pretense that our generous gifts of aid were really loans. A pretense that was originally instated as much as a face saving gesture to these poor nations as it was a way to trick the taxpayers of 'World's Richest Nations' into forking over. 'Loaning' to nations that were poor not because they only lacked a little seed money to develop wealth, but because they are, in many cases actually poor countries: sans resources, no potential, devoid of latent goodness. The rest of the bum-pay countries are poor from foolishly adopting Marxist-Leninist thought, or from being robbed by their own corrupt leaders. Such folly.

The Feed Trough story is from China Daily because I liked the pictures. This one of French Finance Minister Thierry Breton captures the essence of the Euro-Wuss look.

Another picture accompanying the G8 Story in China Daily shows US Treasury Secretary John Snow with his finger alongside his nose, in a fitting gesture.

A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat! At least these poor kids can quit worrying about how they are going to pay back the money they borrowed to finance their happy lives.

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