June 13, 2005

Chuck Hagel: give us a footbridge and retire out east

I don't know about the rest of my fellow Nebraskan's, but I am really growing weary of our Senator Chuck Hagel biting President Bush's back while he is trying to fight a war. I'm tired of reading about Hagel saying we are losing. I especially don't like reading about it in Al-Jazeera, where the enemy goes for news.
Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., said on Sunday that Guantanamo was one reason the U.S. is 'losing the image war around the world."
I suggest you let your Senator know what you think of his unseemly newsmaking by e-mail at:

Here's a modest proposal for those who think the poor bearded fanatics languishing in the horrors of Camp Delta are suffering unduly. Allow these non-military combatants to be released on recognizance into the custody of these same twits. If they want the detainment facility closed because it anoys the fanatic islamic fundamentalists back home in the desert, they can take these miserable wretches into their homes until they can get fair trials in ordinary criminal coddling courts here in the US.

Make them comfortable. The bleeding heart terrorist sympathizers can let the detainees eat on their floor, leer at the daughters (and nobody can leer like an arab!), have sex with their pets and their sons, steal what isn't nailed down and maybe even slit a few throats; it would make them feel at home. The libs could supply the poor sods with Bibles to use for butt-wipe, and take them on photo tours of local airports, schools, military installations and nuclear plants.

If the anti-war crowd wants to help the enemy, then they should help them in ways that really count.

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