June 08, 2005

Omaha Tax Grab, Part 2: the schools

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fahey

Someone once complained about how the British (and the heirs of brit English) have always butchered place names to suit their difficulties with pronunciation. For example, we say Spain instead of EspaƱa, Switzerland instead of Schweiz, and so forth. The response was that the English weren't the only ones guilty of renaming other countries; the Germans have been renaming places as well. But the Germans make it simpler. They just rename other countries "Germany".

Mike Fahey started it with the ill-conceived, precipitous plan to annex Elkhorn and other areas before the last mayoral election. Now he is ready to drop another shoe. (Who knows how many feet he has.) His pals on the Omaha Public School Board now want to draw all neighboring schools into the Omaha Reich. This has to be the most blatant tax grab yet. I'm so disgusted, I don't care to analyze it. Everyone I have spoken to is against this blitzkrieg attack, but then I don't talk to teacher union commies or Old Market one-worlders.

I don't live in Omaha or any of the places Omaha has threatened to invade to date, so nobody ought to care what I think about the matter anyhow. You can read all about this latest travesty yourself : WOWT has the facts and reactions, the Lincoln Journal has a good analysis, and I don't read the Omaha World Herald if I can help it, but I'm sure you can get the Fahey gang's view of the matter there.

Update: Charles at Job 21:3 has this fine analysis. Seems we all see the National Socialism in this.

Ich bin Polander!

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