June 06, 2005

Sam Wymore Days

You can tell it is summer. The crops are planted and the natives are restless. What else is there to do but start in on the grand Plains tradition of celebrating Fill-In-the-Blank Days !

Here is one that looks like it must have been a real rocker, in spite of the weather. From The Beatrice Daily Sun comes "Sam Wymore Days" held recently to honor the cat that donated the land for the town of Wymore, Nebraska. Sounds like something out of The Simpson's, and I wish I hadn't missed it. Wymore's city web page is sort of somber, but these denizens of what was once the egg capital of the world seem to be squeezing a bit of joy from the Good Life.

Floats reflect this year's Hawaiian theme
The parade was part of the festivities of the 18th annual Sam Wymore Days community celebration held in Wymore over the weekend. Approximately 2,000 people attended the parade on Saturday, which had 85 entries. Jessica Carillo was chosen as Miss Sam Wymore Days Princess on Friday night. Several events were canceled or moved due to rain. Baseball games were canceled while the adult dance was moved to the Wymore Community Center and the youth dance was canceled.
If you know of a coming event that qualifies as a Fill-In-the-Blank Days type celebration, let me know. I'd like to find out about some of the more obscure Days before the fact. Not just to report on them, but perhaps to attend. A really cheap outing offering even a modest chance of being worth the gas and effort is getting harder to find.

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